giyongchyx (giyongchyx) wrote,

prompts + inspo

for myself and anyone struggling to write again! if using one of these prompts just leave a comment.

  • "she wanted a storm to match her rage" - a feast for crows , george r. r. martin

  • don't touch my hair - solange knowles

  • my boy my town - mabel

  • cranes in the sky - solange knowles

  • "i gave you everything that every man says he wants. i cooked, i cleaned, i ironed your jeans. i was the one." - a thousand times , ella mai

  • "you can catch me in the dark of night, getting my whole life underneath the sapphire sky" - you don't know me , tinashe

  • "i'm not like someone i'm supposed to be" - company , tinashe

  • let me sleep - in which one character takes his sleep very seriously and anyone who dares to wake them up will feel their wrath

  • hair like snow - jay chou

  • "when there's no one to share with, happiness doesn't feel whole" - 一半 one half , della 丁当 (ding dang)

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