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one way goodbye: 3 years later.

* do not read this if you haven't already read every chapter in AFF: One Way Goodbye

Title: One Way Goodbye
Pairing: Bambam/Yugyeom
Rating: pg
Summary: After both men have passed away due to different reasons, what is left of Kunpimook and Yugyeom's bond?
Author's Note: I know LJ is dead and all, but since I originally posted the story here, I want to post the ending here too.

OWG: Originally written on 1/30/14.

The purpose of this fanfic was to have a main character fall in love with the other main character after they passed away. So because of that, I can't make an alternate ending.. You guys are free to write alternate endings for yourself, but with my permission of course! And once I give you permission pls give me credit. xx

A woman in her thirties with dark brown wavy hair and high cheekbones was standing in front of the two tombstones she visited every year, sometimes more often than that. As always, she shed tears as she talked to both tombstones, and held tightly onto the flowers she would leave for them.

"Hi, Kunpimook... Hi, Yugyeom... it's Fei noona here!

You two must be happy, now that you're together. I really miss you guys. I remember when we used to wait for Yugyeom to show up, and how we would brainstorm ways to make your novels popular so he could notice you..", she laughed as she remembered the most painful days of Kunpimook's life, taking a second to blow her nose. "I also remember when Yugyeom would go through your laptop, and your journals.. He was a cute one, a keeper.

You two were really something... You better wait for me, okay? I still got a long way to go, I won't rush it even though I miss you two so much.. I'll see you when I see you.."

Fei placed the flowers in front of their tombstones, centered in between the two, rubbing her round belly before waving goodbye and walking back to the parking lot. Her husband was currently at home, preparing the room for their babies. They were expecting twins and were 7 months so far. The twins would both be boys, and they already knew what names they'd choose for them. It was quite obvious.

・゜゜・ ・゜゜・. 。・゚゚・ ・゚゚・。
January 29th
Center Hospital.

Fei was currently walking down the hallway, waiting for herself to dilate more since she was supposed to go into labor today or possibly tomorrow. She was struggling to walk normally but the nurses insisted that she walk around and keep herself active. "How much longer do I have to do this?", she complained to her husband who was speaking to a nurse. He was trying to keep himself calm since most fathers tend to faint when they're having their child, as the nurse had told him.

"It's almost time, don't worry. They'll be here soon. Let's just be patient.", he said to her in his calming voice, stroking her hair as he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

January 30th
Center Hospital

She had just given her last push for baby number two, gasping for air as her husband stroked her sweaty hair, attempting to take loose strands away from her face so she could see their second baby. The nurse had given the first baby to her husband to hold, and gave the second baby to Fei. There were several loud cries heard in the room, echoing throughout the whole floor they were on.

January 31st
Center Hospital

The couple left the hospital with smiles on their faces. A tired Fei was placed in the wheelchair, being pushed by her husband while her parents held one baby each. Fei and her husband placed the babies in the back of the car, bidding goodbye to her parents, who would be later meeting her at home.

As they were driving home, she turned back to look at the two sleeping newborns.

I'll never leave you, little Kunpimook and little Yugyeom. I'm going to protect both of you for as long as I live.
As long as I am still on this earth, you will never feel sadness, loneliness, or heartbreak. I'll make sure of it.

Tags: au, au:owg, bambam, got7, maknae line, oneshot, yugyeom
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