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Another A/N:

I've decided to rewrite some of my fics because I wrote those when I was sleep deprived (maybe thats why they were so angsty...) and let's be honest, my vocabulary isn't that great. I like to keep it simple so I don't add too many adjectives or too many metaphors, run-ons, etc, in one paragraph. I really love my simple writing style, but I really want to rewrite my fics so they don't seem so tasteless. I probably won't be editing One Way Goodbye though- that's my baby. OWG is the fanfic that really changed my little author life. I still get people requesting to translate it even if it isnt popular on AFF :") I also won't be editing No Pain, No Gain much because it's already written as I wanted it to be. I'm also doing this because even I don't know what happened in the last chapters I wrote. I myself haven't caught up with my stories, and I didn't have my chapters sorted out. I didn't even stick to the plot much in a few of them. And I'm sure you can tell!

Anticipate my next update! It'll be short, but it's better than nothing at this point.

(insert kissy emojis here)
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