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List of Fics and How to Navigate

I'll be listing these in order of popularity, but really... yall are so silent I probably got this list wrong. Lol. The titles link to the tags on my journal. Hope this helps. Also, each chapter includes the summary of the plot so I won't be including that on here.

  1. One Way Goodbye ** When got7 had first debuted... fun fact: written at 12am when I shouldve written my speech for class!

  2. Intermittent ** 2nd most popular one. DISCONTINUED

  3. CCBFE ( Cheater Cheater Best Friend Eater )

  4. No Pain, No Gain

  1. One Way Goodbye is a got7 fic, pairing: Bambam x Yugyeom.

  2. Intermittent is an EXO fic, pairing: XiuChen

  3. CCBFE is a BTS fic, pairing Vkook, and broken JinKook.

  4. No Pain, No Gain is an EXO fic, pairing: SuChen and sometimes LayChen (in flashbacks).

ALL my fics are AU and they involve angst as well as romance. I'm not good at fluff, because in general, I'm not the most affectionate person. If you'd like updates on my fics be sure to check out my links below.

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